Index of Files Related to Case "Moricz"

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Section 1: Offline Content

Diary Entries, Personal Drafts of [Redacted]

Note: This section contains everything found in the two diaries. A naming distinction is made between content titled "Diary Entries" which apply only to items physically inscribed on the pages of the two journals and others (e.g. Files 1C and 1J) which were written on looseleaf pages that were later folded and inserted between specific entries.

Content from Assorted Notebooks of [Redacted]

There are several notebooks that contain non-diary (i.e. non-autobiographical) information. While some of this content was handwritten, other content was written digitally. The medium of each individual entry is specified. Included in these entries are notes related to historical events for the purpose of structuring works of fiction; quotes and excerpts from books, websites and other media; lists of words and terms; information gathered about Moricz; and references related to specific individuals, pseudonyms, extended metaphors, and other cryptic information. Most of this information does not appear when the story is followed in chronological order and can only be accessed via the Index.

Images and Drawings

Images included are related images used by Moricz, drawings produced by [Redacted] and Moricz, the last two remaining photographs of the man in the picture as well as relevant image content found saved in files, stories, and journal entries. Also included are images produced during the current day related to the investigation, which are specified with the indicator ยง.


These are handwritten letters that were supposedly sent and received by [Redacted].

Section 2: Online Content

Public Web Content Published by [Redacted] and Moricz

Works of Fiction


Private Web Content: Chats, Messages, Emails.