May 26th, 2009.
Lucien is my gorgeous friend from Canada.
He has pin-straight brown (like dark chocolate) hair going down to his chin,
a perfect face with a slightly hooked nose and olive complexion, and those eyes!
His eyes are two different colors - brown and blue - and it's completely a natural phenomenon.
You know Lucien as Moricz, he's the one who writes Preludes and Nocturnes! Lucien!
What a brilliant, beautiful name. He's written for me five times now! For me, for me!
How can I even think about anything else during the days as they pass by? Someone beautiful
far away dedicates words to me and me alone! My breath seizes in my chest whenever I open up
that website and see something new there. I live for it, desire crushes me as I await every new
word, chapter, reply or comment. And he loves my work - my only devoted reader. I write for someone, rather than just myself. Oh Lucien, my Lucien.