I HAVE MADE A HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!! Blog post by [Redacted] (first blog) Published March 22nd, 2009 3:59PM EST

I just told the man that I love that I loved him.
This is the sorrow of the passionate frays of frenzied words
a denouement approaches, and now I feel less alone
to know that the end and I have something in common.
we end.
I love absolutely with my whole heart on my sleeve.
If you wanted to cause scandal, why not choose to with me?
I swore myself to scandal, I swore myself to you
but you can't listen, this music is mute.
I say to myself, wryly, at least you gave me something.
You gave me heartbreak
you gave me sadness
you gave me something to play for.
And now that instrument cries the very sound of misery,
lifelike and realistic, and heartwrenchingly pained.
My whole heart was put into you,
and now, it's severed upon the strings.
the birth of a masterpiece.