March 23nd, 2009.
I told him yesterday. I believe my exact words were "You're an idiot, I love you."
And the next morning, I saw him and he laughed and said he was okay with it. And I'm
happy. I feel so free - my demons are gone. I am happy, he is happy, and he says, "One
day, I'll find you, and then we'll see, 'kay?" I wrapped him in my arms and whispered
"Thank you." I am carefree and the love in my heart swelled. Finally, this fermenting,
simmering love has burst and now the geyser is calm. Loving Capriol was inspiring, the
music made from that was irreplaceable. Now Capriol wants to play Paganini, apparently.
He's been hanging around me too much. Finally, after such a hellacious week, it's time
to return to writing.