January 15th, 2009,
Today, something was definitely up with Capriol.
First, during the 5 min. between 2nd and 3rd periods he was out at his
table at the front of the school earlier than usual.
It was like he was, God forbid, looking for me.
His eyes met mine for a split second and he smiled brighter than he ever had before.
Seeing his face made my heart hurt, as per usual.
I walked on, futilely trying, as usual, to get over him.
The second thing was he walked out from the orchestra room/auditorium
during 3rd lunch right in the opposite direction of me.
He saw me coming from a far distance, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree.
I waved and walked by nonchalantly.
He kept looking behind him, though.
He came back not a minute later, his face looking depressed,
but his countenance brightened, again when saw me.
He kept smiling until he was out of my sight.

My hypothesis for this unusually out of character behavior:
1.) I do believe he has private violin lessons on Wednesday with
Mrs. Clive (I have my private lessons with her on Tuesday) and she could have very
possibly said something about my feelings, which I confided in her in a moment of weakness.
His reactions could be:
A.) He was genuinely happy because he likes me back (yeah right).
B.) He put on a fake reaction so I wouldn't feel bad.
C.) He put on a fake reaction to lead me on (so not Capriol.)
D.) He was shocked and pleased by the fact that a girl actually liked him.
2.) He was stressed about other things and pleased to see a familiar face.
3.) He thinks I'm cool.
4.) He was just happy today.

I personally think 1D, 2, and 4, are most likely.
Capriol...he's the kind of person it's easy to picture spending the rest of your life with.
He makes me want to cry.
Perhaps he was put on this earth to give music to it.
I can't possibly take him away from the world.
I don't want to say I'm in love with him, because it sounds pathetic,
but I definitely have fallen.