March 20th, 2009,
Moricz did it! He did it! He posted the story based on my work!
It's titled "Rhapsody Romantique" and it's about Liszt's first meeting with
Marie d'Agoult! Oh, diary, the story is wonderful and so very romantic! An excerpt:

"The two locked eyes for a long time, searching for an explaination as to what had
just transpired between them. Liszt, after a quick glance at the driveway,
realized that most of the guests had gone and that the Comte's party upstairs would
return to the ballroom not long after. Marie also sensed this, and knew that when they
returned back to the ballroom they would return to public life and that would be the
end of this indelible moment of tension and excitement. Liszt produced from his coat
pocket a slip of his stationary, which he had used as a list of pieces to include in
the night's performance. He folded it up, took Marie's hand, and placed it in its palm.
He heard the muttering of men and the approaching of footsteps in the ballroom,
signing that their time was up.
"You're a writer," Liszt whispered, leaning in close; "Write to me. Promise you'll write."
Marie met his gaze and at that moment she understood what was going to happen,
and she felt herself unable to stop herself. "I'll write, I promise I'll write."

Ahhhh! and to think that something so lovely and sophisticated was inspired by my silly
words! I am but an amateur but Moricz - Moricz is the master. His FP story is now
up on and I'm only now beginning to read it. It's called
"Preludes and Nocturnes" and it begins as flashbacks Sand is having after hearing that
Chopin is dead. It's so wonderful and tragic and ahh, I can't wait to finish!! He has a
history of recent updates spanning about once every two (maybe three) weeks, which means
an update is around the corner. I don't want to let him down so I will begin working
on my "A Long Rendezvous" at once!