March 19th, 2009,
Well, diary, the day has actually gone by quite painlessly. No disturbances.
I have been listening to two particular pieces over and over again: Max Bruch's
Violin Concerto in G minor and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor. They are
wondrous pieces, with phrases for peace, phrases for love, phrases for tension, phrases
for fleeting happiness, phrases for compelling battles, emotions, actions. If you listen
close enough to the beginning of recordings of orchestral pieces you can hear the string
players pick up their bows, the brass players pick up their instruments, and other
disturbances. Until I have all of the musical phrases of both pieces memorized,
I will still listen. I did enjoy a pleasant conversation today with Capriol and his
friends Brent and Tony this morning but after my fight with Emily, I get the feeling
that she is not going to leave me alone. Capriol just gets more appealing every day
it seems. I got another 78 on my geometry test. With no orchestra class today, the
day never seems to end. My grades are mediocre at best. I'm a freshman so I don't
really care. I'll have language electives and science to negate my poor grades in math.
I don't need a 4.0 to go to college, especially if it's conservatory. I'm trying to
take enjoyment in my own company moreso than the company of others. Moricz has not
yet posted his story yet, but I'm not too concerned, for all art takes time.