Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole world, and the greatest wife a man could ask for, Carol! 50 may seem like a long time, but time is relative anyway, isn't it? I remember when I first laid eyes on you, handing out flyers for the women's track fundraiser in the quad of our beloved alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. You were shivering so hard in the cold! It must have been around January, but my memory is foggy at this point. I asked if I could take you to dinner, and was shocked when you said yes! Long story short, we were sweethearts, all the way until graduation, when I asked you to marry me on the same lawn in the quad. Again, I was shocked when you said yes. That was 26 years ago, can you believe it! No matter how much time passes, I wilk always look forward to spending many more birthdays with you!!
xoxo, your Robert

NEW: Windows 98: Is it Worth It?

July 14th, 1998.
As we all know, Windows 98 just came out. I've been using 95 since it came out, and am not convinced 98 is worth the update cost. The one thing I think would be worth it to me is the updated USB drivers, and maybe, also, the networking improvements. My computer is new and could handle it. In fact, it came with a trial disk, but I installed 95 instead since I already had the disks. Maybe I should just bite the bullet, but transferring existing data is always a pain. Maybe you can send me an email and say what you think?

NEW: Bill's Retirement Party

May 8th, 1998

Happy Retirement to my colleague at the DOT, Bill! Bill has been working for the DOT for 30 years can you believe it? He got his start on projects like I-83 and I-84, and worked on maintenance and improvements for those two roads for most of his career. Bill was always a favorite at office parties, where he was known for bringing Miller Lite and a game of Cornhole. He drove a Chevy Camaro for years and was very proud of it. Now he drives a Lincoln Towncar, an American car guy through and through. Bill was a hard worker and loved working on difficult problems. He was a consummate engineer through and through, lasting longer at the office than even me! I wish Bill the best of luck in his new life as a retiree.