We're all adults here, perhaps I've been too esoteric.

At this point, you know how the index works.
I no longer need to spoon feed you every little thing that happens. In fact, I've decided to truncate this painful reminiscing a little bit. It's up to you to determine whether or not I've done this out of impatience or embarrassment - either way it doesn't matter. I'll try to upload the rest of the stories from the website to the index. I hate to tell you this after you've made it so far, but they're not really that important. What is important is the comments (only some of them - most consist of the substanceless tete a tete you've already seen), the correspondance, the fact that Moricz was here for a long time, doing these posts a few times a month for around seven months. This was seven months of contentment. This was seven months of having a friend. This was seven months of falling in love.

It's late. Sometimes I get like this - irascibly agitated, impatient even when telling my own grand story. You're probably impatient too, having read this dreck wondering what was the point? I suppose the point was to feel some sympathy for me, and to an extent, for Moricz. I'm not going to skip so far ahead - just a few months from the last post to May, when Moricz changed his profile picture. The original picture is long since gone. The only thing I can offer you are two pictures I've drawn, and one picture from the time at which these events occurred.

Teenagers aren't very smart, and they're all incorrigibly vain. I don't know if I would have fallen in love with Moricz had he not posted that picture. I've done my best with my mediocre artist skills to recreate it on the next page.