It is at this point in our story that things began to shift.

I did in fact tell Capriol that I loved him (my words were actually as documented: "You're an idiot, I love you.") and I'm pretty sure after I said it I ran away from him, but as hard as I try, I can't remember what happened after that. I doubt the version recorded in the diary, but I remember Liam being a pretty nice and easy-going guy and he probably let me down gently. At any rate, whatever happened seemed to satisfy me to an extent, and my diary and blog entries petered out in response almost immediately. There's no doubt that I still had feelings for Liam - these finally simmered down for good sometime in the summer of 2009. However, telling him enabled me to stop fantasizing about all these different confession scenarios and obsessing over how he would react. It lifted an immense weight off of my chest, even though it was confirmed that my love was unrequited. (In matters of love sometimes not knowing is much more difficult to bear than rejection itself.) Shortly after I confessed, I stopped feeling the urge to constantly document my life and every minute interaction with Capriol in blogs and diary entries.

My interests shifted more towards writing in the abstract - either stand alone autobiographical pieces saved as Word documents or short stories that I would publish online, mostly on the same site on which I published my historical fiction. The last item I published on my first blog was a list of composers accounted for in my iTunes library. This was posted on April 23rd, 2009. (In July of 2009, I would start another short-lived blog.) I took a haitus in my diary writing until the middle of April of 2009. I will submit each diary entry accordingly, however I should note that these middle entries are not quite as interesting or relevant as the ones that came before. The next majorly significant entry does not occur until May 22nd, 2009.

After March of 2009, I spent most of my time online on various websites, mostly deviantART and [Redacted]. It's fair to say that Diary Entry 1.6 closes what could be considered the first "arc" of this story, and much of what transpires afterwards happens primarily online or at least on the computer. It is at this point that my exchanges with Moricz become the focus of my time and attention.

At first, most of my interaction with Moricz happens through our respective works of historical fiction. This period continues up until the end of July of 2009. After this, another shift occurs. This trasition is hard to explain without the appropriate context and as such I promise to elaborate further at a later date. What I can say, however, is that neither my nor Moricz's stories are ever finished. You are free to interpret this as you wish.