I'm sorry once again for the intrusion but I thought I should take the time to clarify something about formatting, in case it seems ambiguous.
I don't intend to have you believe that the files written in script type are actually handwritten. I'm not good enought at programming to make them convincing.
The formatting here is a means of distinguishing the types of content and their original mediums.
The content in script type is that which was handwritten and later dictated digitally. Different script typefaces indicate who wrote what.
The content in serif type is that which originally appeared as fictional content on the web.
The content in monospace type is that which originally appeared as web content such as comments, private messages, emails, etc.
Of course, this format is for my editorializing narration and interjections (like the one I am making now), which take place in the present day.

I am doing the best I can to assimilate all of this various information in a coherent way with the limited skills I posess.