If you haven't noticed by now, there's a button at the top of some of the pages that says .
This button takes you to the archive of files related to our case, and by our case I mean my case, enabling one to re-read certain pieces of evidence as we go through. Or, you can keep reading this chronologically as you have been doing. It doesn't matter which, the evidence I've been able to gather is the same.

At this point, we have introduced pretty much everyone we need to introduce, everyone being myself and Moricz, who was a real person. I've tried to find out as much as possible about Moricz, from how old he was to where he lived, to whose photo he stole in that picture he used with the slender face and the coat-tails and the blue and brown eyes, but it has been hard because the Internet eats away at itself and the last ten years have been brutal in terms of combing through what is left in order to make my case. Old blogs dissappear, websites get shut down, images bricked. People scrub themselves of the internet and the internet of them and in many ways those people are lucky. There is no doubt that much of this content is embarrassing. It's written, quite badly but in a relatively precocious way, by teenagers, of which we were two, at least I think. At least one of us was.