It is at this point where I must apologize. There were other works of Moricz's - four, to be exact - posted on this particular website before March of 2009, but despite my efforts I can't find them. I have tried Wayback Machine, various caches, old flash drives I'd saved from the period, the files of which no longer open with modern software.
My suspicion is that Moricz deleted these himself at some much earlier point, which is why they do not show up in the caches I made from around 2011, however I both remember them and their existence is confirmed in notes I made in early 2010.
From my memory, I can recall that the four stories were as follows:

Again, I apologize, but to be quite honest, these stories are just little dabbles with no coherence and they offer nothing of importance regarding our case.
However, they would have helped to establish the evolution of Moricz's writing from short snippets to longer vignettes and more conceptual structures.
Also missing from the web is Moricz's old profile picture, which was a drawing of Chopin done by a random artist on DeviantArt. It was later replaced by the top hat picture, which, despite my desperate searching, I can no longer find because the person who was in that picture was brought up on rather serious charges, and thus he took it upon himself to scrub his entire existence from the web some time between 2012 and 2018. I promise, I will explain this eventually.